Chew Disco is a queerfeminist DIY art-activism project and club night based in Liverpool and Manchester.

Hailed as “Liverpool’s best alternative night” by Attitude Magazine and recently described as “I don’t get what’s happening” by several patrons on a hen do, Chew Disco’s flagship club night blends live music, DJs, video and performance art, queerfeminist politics, and adult fun, providing a stage for queer and DIY artists from around the world. Previous guests and collaborators include Vaginal Davis (she said this:, Mykki Blanco, Trash Kit, Queer’d Science, Cheryl, Sister Mantos, Islington Mill, and Homotopia.

Proceeds from their nights and houseparties are given to charities and advocacy organisations working for women and LGBTQs in the non-West.

Its co-founders (Khalil, from Jersey City, and Emma, from Liverpool) like to DJ and once proclaimed themselves “totally the black and mixed-race Cher and Dion of the northwest.”

They are not.
John Wojtowicz = the real life Sonny (Al Pacino) of Dog Day Afternoon.
  1. John Wojtowicz = the real life Sonny (Al Pacino) of Dog Day Afternoon.

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    08.02.2014: Berlinale, Tag 4 Wie letztes Jahr mit "Interior. Leather Bar" läuft dieses Jahr mit "The Dog" wieder ein...
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    John Wottowicz and Elizabeth Eden Dog Day Afternoon not exactly true to life. but so good.
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